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PostSubject: Fleetsaving   Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:50 pm

In OGame, points are gained by spending resources. Players can invest resources into mines, research, fleet, or defenses. Points spent in mines and research are indestructible, they cannot be destroyed by another player. Fleets & defenses, on the other hand, CAN be destroyed by other players. And fleets are special in that of all the ways to spend resources, only by destroying another players ships can you steal resources already spent. Destroyed ships create a debris field, which can be harvested by harvesters (creative naming). This means many players are going to be out to destroy any ships you create.

Therefore, whether you are an aspiring fleeter looking to hunt other worlds, or a peaceful miner collecting resources, it is vital to know how you can keep your precious points safe. A ship that is in flight, and any resources it carries, cannot be touched by another player.

Fleetsaving Methods
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